Why use a hydraulic breaker attachment over a handheld breaker

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the advantave of excavator hydraulic breaker in building or destroying job.

Whether you are building or destroying things.You are going to need some kind of breaker equipment to help you get the job done. In the past, people used to use handheld breaker to do these jobs. Nowadays, excavator hydraulic breaker gradually more popular to be used instead of handheld breaker. There are some advantages as below why hydraulic breaker becomes on first option in many fields.  

Highly efficient: excavator with hydraulic breaker attachments are very efficient. Today many construction companies heavily rely on these machines on a daily basis.

Reduces manpower costs: the destruction of anything by hand requires a lot of human effort. As a result, it delays many of your other projects that requires man power. In addition, hiring the required manpower can cost a lot. consequently, your project budget will increase over time.Therefore, investing in a hydraulic breaker will help you save a great deal of money as well as human resources.  

Fuel Consumption is low: hydraulic breaker does not consume a lot of fuel. It consumes less fuel than other machinery that can perform the same task.

Less noise pollution: heavy machinery are believed to produce a lot of noise, which is bad for environment. However, breaker type is designed to be closure construction which can reduce the noise level. Meanwhile, it can protects the main body so that increasing the life cycle. For more information about you can review our product page, box type.


Today, hydraulic breakers are used in many industries such as demolition of buildings, breaking or cleaning up roads and pavements, breaking hardened ice layers,crushing or breaking down larger materials,mining, and trenching. You can definitely benefit from a hydraulic breaker if you work any of the above fields or areas.   

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