Hydraulic breaker for excavator(excavator attachment)

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advantage of hydraulic breaker,short history of hydraulic breaker,

It is now 50 years since the first hydraulic breakers were manufactured by a German company in 1967.hydraulic breaker(one of excavator attachment) is designed to break any kind of rock or concrete with any hardness or physical property. They have a wide range of applications such as demolition, deconstruction, primary rock excavation, secondary rock breaking, trenching, foundation work, asphalt cutting and many others. A breaker attachment can be used for thick breaking concrete and tarmac,meaning you can get the job done safer, more efficiently and with minimal effort from the seat of the excavator. Another, using a breaker attachment also limits the damage to any other equipment. For example, if youre using an excavator and you stumble upon harder material in the ground;the teeth on the bucket get damage. A breaker attachment can easily be swapped with the bucket and help break up the material in a fraction of the time compared to a handheld breaker.

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