How to Install Hydraulic Breaker into Mini Excavator

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proper way of using hydraulic breaker on mini excavator

Mini excavators can dig out trenches and ditches. They are especially useful on delicate surfaces or in the tight spaces where a standard-size excavator wouldnt fit. Here are some tips how to install hydraulic breaker into mini excavator.

1. Make sure the hoses are faced upwards 

Using an excavator's fore-arm to pick this up, which is as easy as picking up a normal bucket. Just tilt it back a little bit so it’s got some balance. And then, pop a pin into that hole,it should be attached. Afterwards, just reinsert this pin in there as you normally would.

2.use a rag to clean the hose 

We have to make sure we have a rag handy to wipe these hoses clean, but before we hook those up. We’re just going to depressurize these lines because they get quite a bit of build up in here and it makes it hard to plug the hose on and if you do plug them in while there is pressure, as a result,  O-0rings in there get damage. Moreover, it will drain the hydraulic tank. 

3 make sure the machine is turned off. 

With your machine off, turn it to the auxiliary, turn the key to the auxiliary position without starting the machine, and drop your safety lever. Later, activate your safety lever,and your joysticks.Then, activate your auxiliaries, which is the third switch on the right . It results in your auxiliary control operating the breaker on the left pedal here. So just push that from side to side.  

4. Move the pedal near your left foot and joysticks to depressurize the lines. 

Joysticks from side to side will release the pressure in those lines. Using a handy rag, clean the ends of these lines if dirt and build up gets stuck in. If it also interferes with the seal, it will break the o-ring there, which will also cause it to leak. In general, it should just clip on as easily as that. If you find that it’s hard to clip on because the hydraulic lines aren’t correctly depressurized, you just need to do that again before causing some sort of leak. 

In the last,Make sure the ends of the hoses are clean again, give that a good wipe at either end.You’re good to go using a breaker to smash any rocks using a breaker.

If you are removing the concrete from a driveway,removing rocks from a landscape or carrying out some general demolition work, the hydraulic breaker is one of your choices. Our sales team can give you professional suggestions to make sure your project. 


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