How to use hydraulic breaker without damaging the excavator

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how to protect hydraulic breaker and hydraulic excavator from damage

    Due to the high speed of hitting in the construction, it is very easy to cause damage to breakers as well as the hydraulic system in the excavator. Therefore, we     would like to share some tips on how to use hydraulic breakers without hurting the excavator. 

1. Replacing oil seal on time . Oil seal is very easy to be damaged. When the hydraulic system is damaged, the oil seal has to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, damage of hydraulic breakers has to be replaced. When installing breakers, the tube should be all cleaned,and also make sure of the grease’s quantity,position and frequency. Adding lubricating grease in the status of chisel hang out, the lubricating grease would enter into percussive cavity. As the result, unusual high pressure would enter into a hydraulic system, and damage the hydraulic pump. 

   2.Hydraulic oil levels and pollution are one of the major issues causing hydraulic pump problems. Therefore, we should make sure that oil is contaminated or not on time. On the other hand, insufficient hydraulic oil levels could cause hydraulic pump problems, and piston damage. As a suggestion, check the oil level before using it every day. 

        In conclusion, in the process of design, manufacture and inspection,if any of these steps appears problem. It would cause the hydraulic breaker to be finally unqualified. Therefore , choosing the right manufacturer could help you to improve your working efficiency.  

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